Noodoe Smart EV Charger 7 -22Kwh


Noodoe Smart EV Charger adopts humanized interface design, “ultra-easy” scanning is the charging design, the primary consideration is convenience for users, just scan the host on the “QR code” to start. The appearance design is different from others LED indicator. The unique QR code light board is easy to identify and “interact” with users. Through the uniform mixing of 4-color RGBW LEDs, the color of each situation can be displayed, which can make the user intuitively judge the current charging state.
For users:
By scan QR code, users can choose common payments on their phones, such as: Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card, etc., after payment setting, they can start charging. During charging, users can check the charging status at anytime without download APP.
For business:
RFID function is also available on the machine, which can provide customized charging service for the brands original owner, parking lot, hotel, shopping mall and other specific fields.


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