Smappee EV Ultra DC fast chargers 80kW & 200kW

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The ultimate DC fast charger for EV

Do you want to charge electric vehicles even faster at your charging hub? Now you can, with the Smappee EV Ultra quick charger. This DC fast charger has a smart, elegant and compact design, and charges with a capacity of up to 200 kW. This ensures a fast charging process.


The advantages of Smappee EV Ultra DC fast chargers

Charging station DC fast charger

Safe and revolutionary technology

EV charging station advantages

Monitor and control your charging revenues

EV charging station award

Elegant, award-winning design

Smappee EV Ultra dc fast charger

Even safer charging, thanks to load balancing

Our DC fast charger is fast and safe. Dynamic load-balancing ensures that your electricity system is never overloaded. Because of load balancing for charging with alternating current and direct current (a combination of DC and AC charging), you can offer charging services to even more people. Extra income guaranteed!

DC fast charger

Charge 10 times faster with our sustainable DC fast charging station

The EV Ultra fast charging station has a minimalist look and feel. No additional space is needed for inverters in your parking lot. The attractive lighting and compact housing make it a visual and sustainable gem. But our DC fast charger has more than just a beautiful design. It is equipped with a CCS2 connector, which allows fast charging up to 200 kW at 650 V – 1,000 V. That means optimal charging speeds! Available in different configurations and setups.

EV Load management charging solutions

Easily manage your charging square

Your DC fast charger comes with a complete platform for charging management. The intuitive dashboard gives you a clear and detailed overview of all charging sessions, costs and revenues for each charging station. An extra advantage? You can also use the handy Smappee App to remotely control each DC fast charger and to adapt rates and priorities. Moreover, the Smappee platform also offers a simple and convenient all-in-one payment solution for public charging and charge cards.

Smappee EV Charging Stations

Ready for the future

Our DC fast charging stations prepare you, your charging square and your company for the future. It does all this with the help of a smart energy management system. This way, you can optimize the energy consumption of your DC fast charging stations and perfectly balance your charging parking with your other energy flows. Monitor your power consumption and switch off your system when your employees leave for the day. Do you want to add more AC and DC charging stations or have more control later? No problem! You can expand your existing installation at any time.

Why choose a Smappee DC fast charging station?

  • Time is precious. With available power up to 200kW, our fast chargers allow you to achieve optimal charging speeds. This allows visitors to fully charge their cars in just half an hour.
  • A sustainable solution. When you equip your company’s charging square with fast charging stations in a sustainable frame, you’re contributing to a better world. This is a plus for you, as well as for visitors and (future) employees.
  • Accessibility. The range of an electric vehicle is a common concern of drivers and potential buyers. With a fast charging station, those concerns are eliminated. Install fast chargers in your charging square, make them accessible to the public and take the worry away from drivers.
  • Get your company ready for the future. Our modules and extensions allow us to easily and flexibly adapt to your requirements. Even if your needs change in the future.

A DC charging station tailored to your needs

Smappee EV Ultra DC fast charger

EV Ultra 80S

  • floor mounted
  • with 3.25-meter charging cable
  • type CCS2 connector
  • up to 80 kW
  • 1860 × 920 × 290 mm
  • perfect in combination with AC chargers
  • energy management available separately

Smappee EV Ultra DC fast charger

EV Ultra 200S

  • floor mounted
  • with 3.25-meter charging cable
  • type CCS2 connector
  • up to 200 kW
  • 1860 × 920 × 290 mm
  • perfect in combination with AC chargers
  • energy management available separately

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80 kW, 200 kW


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