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CCS2 to GB/T adapter is used for connecting the charging cable on a CCS charging station to a GB/T vehicle that enables for DC charging,it is very convenient to place this adapter into car rear hatch.

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Perfect solution for GBT machinery and equipment that need to work with DC CCS2 charger.


The product is only applicable to the COMBO2 charger station for the GB/T Vehicle DC fast charging. Different brands of GB/T Vehicle has different DC charger port location .Please refer to the user manual of the specific GB/T vehicle brand, find the

corresponding DC charge portand understand its charging process. The charging time depends on the available voltage and current of the charging station.Affected by various factors,charging time may also be affected by the temperature of the vehicle battery: too high or too low temperature of the vehicle battery may limit the charging current, oreven do not allow charging to start. The vehicle will heat or cool the power battery before it is allowed to charge. For detailed information on charging performance parameters, please refer to the official website of your purchased GB vehicle.

Internal cell

Model: 18650 (3200MAH/3.7V)

Discharge current: 5C13A this QR code is for scan your warranty information




Model Name: CCS2 to GB/T adapter
Current: 200ADC MAX CONT
Voltage: 100-1000VDC
Enclosure rating: IP55
Operating Temperature: -22°F to 122°F -30°C to +50°c
Storage Temperature: -40°F to +185°F -40°C to +85°C
Weight: 2kg


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