Interstellar EV Charger – 7kW & 22kW

$880.00$1,900.00 inc GST

Both for private use and for your EV charging business

 Innovative Award Winning Design

EV Cable Management System

 IMD Technology

 Full-scene Charging Modes

  User-friendly Interface Design


Interstellar EV charger 7KW & 22KW is the correct choice for your business and home charging. With latest design can compatible with all EV cars. Its fashion design makes it attractive while functionality and also makes charging your EV at work place or home a breeze with the reliability.

The Interstellar is one smart AC charger designed to change your life!


  • Innovative design: Interstellar is an artwork designed to improve the charging experience with the breakthrough of the traditional appearance.
  • LED description: The LED light shows charging status by color changes and it adopts breathing light to avoid direct glare at human eyes.
  • Fast charging: Fully dynamic charging power. 7KW for single phase, 22KW for three-phase.
  • Easy to use: User friendly design, easy for installation, maintenance and use.
  • Compatible with every EV: Interstellar uses Type 2 connector that can charge any EVs on the market.
  • IP65 :Interstellar applies industry-leading IP65 dustproof and waterproof technology which can against dust and low pressure water jets from any direction. In severe weather such as rain, snow and sandstorms, it can still perform and operate efficiently and avoid suffering issues on the event to save maintenance costs.



TO Business

Rate measurement for every 30 minutes to reduce operating costs.

TO Customer

Smart scheduling for charging during off-peak period to save electricity costs.

Founded in 2007, Sinexcel has 11 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of EV charger. It is the world’s leading supplier of energy Internet core power equipment and solutions. It has obtained 108+ patented technologies and has operations in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Additional information


7kW Single Phase, 22kW Three Phase


No Stand, Floor stand


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