We aim to have your new charger installed as soon as possible once you send us back the relevant information about your property and your deposit has been secured. We usually have all this done within 2 - 3 weeks

We install chargers at any residential and commercial buildings. In some cases we will need to do a quick site visit to recommend the best place to instal your new charger

We offer 7.2KwH and 22Kwh charging stations. If you are looking for a 22Kwh charger for your property, please enquire separately through our contact us page

We offer charging station plans from 12 months to 36 months. Our plans are for both residential and commercial customers

Simply download the app and create an account. Subscribe to a plan or choose a casual charge. We’ll need to know  your billing information as well as Make, Model, and Year of your electric  vehicle. We will also need to know the vehicle’s license plate number  and the state it is registered in.

Once this is entered, choose the subscription that works best for your  lifestyle. Each subscription lasts 30 days and will automatically renew  each month.

To request a charge, simply click the “Request a Charge” button on your  app and select an available charge time. Then tell us where your vehicle  will be to receive its charge. After that simply leave the charge port  open (if driving a Nissan) or open the charge port via your vehicle’s app  when the charging agent arrives.

Not at all. EV Charging Australia is all about convenience. You are welcome  to come out and meet your charging agent and see how our portable charging system works, but it is not required. If we cannot  access your charging port, will ask you to come to your vehicle and  open it if it cannot be opened via your vehicle’s app.

Your subscription allows for up to three deliveries per week.

Each subscription type has its own maximum charge. Our Metro  subscription allows for up to 50 km of charging per session.

Regardless of your subscription type, EV Charging Australia will only charge your  vehicle up to 80%.

Absolutely, Ev Charging Aus uses a safe and portable charging systems,  which have been thoroughly tested to ensure safe, reliable, and fast charging between 11 - 45KwH

No. At this time you only pay for your subscription to receive charging.  There are no hidden fees. Unless you have used up your subscription  credits then you will pay for “Casual Charging”