Commercial EV Infrastructure

EV Charging Australia provides the best quality and service is Commercial EV Infrastructure. Regardless of your budget or requirements we have the public EV solution for your commercial property. If you’re unsure of the type of charger which would suit your needs consider the following;

AC or destination chargers are designed to attract EV drivers to your location and encourage them to stay a while. These AC Destination chargers are relatively cost effective to buy and install and don’t  need three phase power. They are generally found in most shopping centres, apartment buildings.

DC Fast chargers are designed for transit routes and do require more infrastructure setup and do require three phase. 

In both cases we can offer Dynamic Load Balancing and Automated Billing and monitoring and we can advise the best tariff to suit your location.

Call us on 07 3184 6169 if you would like guidance on the correct charger to suit your venue or email us