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Mobile EV-Charging Services & More…

Providing Australia with Fast & Convenient Mobile EV Charging Services | EV Chargers | Installation | Software | Consulting

EV Charging Australia was originally founded to provide Australia with its first FAST mobile EV mobile charging service, after our own personal experiences and the clear need to offer a service that would help in EV adoption. We have geared our services for Australia’s unique landscape with continual growth nation-wide.

Since our start we have evolved to offering a wide range of services from Infrastructure (Commercial & Residential), Consulting, EV Software (Load Balancing & Grid) and more.

We now offer highly competitive charging hardware catering to both residential and commercial. Backed by 3 year warranty and rigorous testing!.


We keep it simple and as easy as 1….2….3

What advantages will you get using our mobile

  • 01

    Friendly service

  • 02

    Quick and Easy

  • 03

    Book at a convenient time

  • 04

    We come to you

  • 05

    Rapid charging

  • 06

    Secure booking and payment portal

Compatible with these brands and more!


Need A Charger Installed?


We offer professional installation services for residential and commercial.

Our team is well-trained and experienced across a wide range of EV Charging stations and software .

Our solutions are perfectly suited to any budget or size.

Over 2000 Charging Sessions

More than 500,000 EV charging sessions across Australia

Saving money and helping the environment

Over 1,200,000

Over 1,200,000 green kms in Australia

And here they thought EV cars would never get very far!

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Mobile Charging Today

Stop Waiting For A Charger! Convenient EV Charging while you have Lunch, Dinner, At Work, or On the Go!
We Got You Australia

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Mobile Charging (Metro)

Mobile Charging (Metro)

  • 8 Charges A Month - (50KM per Charge)
  • Convenient Booking Tool
  • Discounted Rates With Partners
  • Unused Charges Can Be Used Next Month!
Regional Charging (Coming Soon)

Regional Charging (Coming Soon)

  • Support Outside Metro Areas
  • 8 Charges A Month - (100KM)
  • Bigger Charge Allowance
  • Priority Service


  • 1x 100KM Charge per year
  • Peace of mind
  • Great for new EV users
  • Automatic Annual Renewal
Fleet Support

Fleet Support

  • Great for small to large organisations
  • Discounted Rates
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Peace Of Mind

Sign Up To One Of Charger Plans

Home Charger Plan

Home Charger Plan

  • Smart Home Charger
  • Professional Installation
  • No Fuss Subscription
  • Peace of Mind Support
  • 12 - 24 Month Plan
Commercial Charger Plan

Commercial Charger Plan

  • All Weather Smart Chargers
  • Professional Installation
  • Billing/Automation Software
  • Backend Dashboard
  • 24/7 Support
  • 24 - 36 Month Plans
Our Mission:

To provide an easy, reliable and innovative way to enjoy your EV and grow the EV community in Australia.

A wide network of charging agents in your phone ready to charge you wherever you are!

Simple, fast EV charging for everyone.

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